Virtual Adult Speaker Series | Planet Fungi: Underground Connections and Myco-prospecting

Date: Feb 8, 2021 18:30:00


Dr. Hugues Massicotte retired as Full Professor from the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC), Canada, in the summer of 2020 and is now Adjunct Professor with the Ecosystem Science and Management Program. He remains fascinated by the natural history of fungi and plants, and still feels he knows far too little about them!

After his BSc degree in Forestry at U. Laval (Québec), and an MSc and Ph.D. in the area of root structure and morphology as it relates to tree – symbiotic fungal associations (the U of Guelph, Ontario), he went on to explore the world of mycorrhizal ecology as a Post-doctoral Fellow at OSU-USDA (Corvallis), SLU (Sweden) and UBC (British Columbia) before being hired at the newly created University of Northern British Columbia to teach in the Forestry Program (1994-2020).

Throughout his research career, Hugues has focused on the morphological and structural intricacies between fungi and roots as exhibited by a range of mycorrhizal associations, including those of mixotrophic and mycoheterotrophic plants. He has been interested in microbial processes (fungal and bacterial) and soil ecology, and how forest disturbance and/or amendments (e.g., fire, clear-cutting, wood ash, biochar, biosolids) impact microbial communities and, hence, plant growth. More recently, in association with other colleagues at UNBC, he has also contributed to projects on bio-prospecting related to biochemical and medicinal properties of mushrooms collected in the North-central Interior of British Columbia.

In the presentation on February 8th, 2021; “Planet fungi, underground connections and myco-prospecting”, he will give an overview of the challenges of studying fungi, and will explore some of the insights he has made over the years with colleagues at UNBC, including the intriguing myco-heterotrophic plants and the opportunities of myco-prospecting in northern BC.

We are pleased to acknowledge that CBC Daybreak North - Northern British Columbia is the official media sponsor of the Adult Speaker Series.
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