Virtual Adult Speaker Series | Using Terahertz Technology

Date: Mar 8, 2021 18:30:00

We would like to thank CBC Daybreak North, the official media sponsor for our Virtual Speaker Series.

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Abstract: Terahertz radiation lies between the microwave and infrared parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. It has been difficult to access this part of the spectrum for applications and has been referred to as the last frontier of the electromagnetic spectrum. With new access to these frequencies, scientists and engineers are excited to look at new applications that use the fact that most dry, non-conductive materials are transparent at these frequencies, and that their wavelengths allow us to produce images revealing details with sizes of less than 1mm. It is a competitive technology to X-rays, but without the associated health concerns. I will provide a basic overview of Terahertz radiation: what it is, how we produce and detect it, and some interesting applications it can be used for. I will then describe an Industry collaboration at UNBC, where we developed a scanner using this technology to measure the density of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), which we piloted at a Mill in BC.

Bio: Dr. Matt Reid attended UNBC the first year the University opened its doors on the hill, completing undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and Physics. He subsequently conducted research in Laser Physics in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Alberta where he received his Ph.D. He re-joined UNBC in 2005, where he founded the Terahertz research lab. He is now a Professor in the Department of Physics at UNBC, conducting research in high-intensity Laser-matter interactions and industrial applications of Terahertz technology.