Integrated Learning

Integrated Learnng Philosophy

Our Mission Statement: Past Present + Future: Making History Together

Making History Together is the mission of The Exploration Place. Encompassing the Future pillar of what we do is the Integrated Learning department, which includes the Early Explorers Preschool, Fort George Explorers After-School and Summer Camp programs, Science Alliance Spring Break and summer day camps, and the Explorers Urban Garden. The children in our programs have the opportunity to participate not just in the programs themselves, but in everything that we do. From our Community Engagement to our Curatorial department, we are integrating all of the knowledge and resources at the museum into our licensed children’s programming.

The foundation of Integrated Learning is to fully engage children, helping them make connections by bringing interdisciplinary concepts together into meaningful associations. STEAM learning, lessons in heritage and current events, Indigenous education, and social-emotional literacy concepts are all synergized into the activities children are participating in while in our programs. We believe that the best way to learn is by doing, and fully subscribe to the adage, “Hands On, Minds On.” Our goal is to recognize and nourish the individual strengths and learning styles of the children in our programs, and we do so by ensuring that our curriculum is integrative, hands-on, learner-centered, and most of all, fun! By integrating science, technology, heritage, and innovation into all aspects of our quality programming, children will emerge with the foundation of the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in our ever-changing world.

Our programs feature a well-rounded, interactive structure with a foundation grounded in hands-on educational and social experiences for children with one another, our Integrated Learning team, and other departments within The Exploration Place.

The Integrated Learning department educates up to 45 school aged children and 80 preschoolers weekly during the school year, and up to 40 school aged children each day during the summer.  Our team is made up of qualified Responsible Adults and Early Childhood Educators with a genuine love for working with and educating children. Situated in a museum + science centre environment within beautiful Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park, this program is unlike any other in our area.

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