2018 Summer - Freemasonry in Prince George

Work in Progress!

The Exploration Place is currently teaming up with local Freemasons in developing a temporary exhibit on Freemasonry in Prince George. 

On February 27th, 1920 Nechako Lodge No. 86 was officially established, but before that Freemasonry in Prince George already helped to form a foundation in the structure of Prince George as a modern settlement.

Stemming from all walks of life, local Freemasons were prominent business owners, politicians (municipal and provincial), engineers, surveyors, architects (Knox united church was designed by Freemason and future mayor, Henry Wilson), school teachers, blacksmiths, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, and farmers. Despite the subtlety, it is not hard to find the contributions made by Freemasons to the city of Prince George.

Much has been made of the secrecy behind the Mason Lodge movement, but the Prince George club would like to make a lot less of it.

Mysteries, adventure stories and political thrillers have all centered on aspects of the centuries-old Freemasons movement. The DaVinci Code, National Treasure, tales of the Knights Templar and others have all put fictional twists on this, but in the nonfiction realm it is just a group of people dedicated to community charity and personal development.

Stay tuned for more details on this new exhibit set to open June 20th 2018!