2018 - Super Cells

The exhibition “Super Cells: The Power of Stem Cells” immerses us in this little-known world through four very high-tech and interactive zones.
Your body is made up of all kinds of cells. Most of these cells have a very specific role. But hidden inside your tissues is another kind of cell - stem cells - and these cells have incredible powers necessary to heal and sustain life. Enter the microscopic world and discover the stem cells in the human body. The SUPER POWERS zone presents four superheroes to help discover the powers of stem cells in humans and animals. Researchers are trying to harnass the power of these cells to treat injury and disease. But stem cells can be unpredictable and our Trickster often appears on the scene to throw obstacles in the way. Turn the wheel of fortune and discover the scope and limitations of medical research. Test your knowledge of what’s real and what’s not in the True or False Challenge. The YOUR BODY: A CELL FACTORY zone helps discover the stem cells from conception to birth. Our stem cells develop and specialize to create all the tissues and organs in our body. The LAB zone help learn about the work being done in research centres around the world.