2019 Registration

Prince George Regional Heritage Fair

April 3rd: Class/School and homeschooler registration deadline
Click here for the Class Registration PDF

April 18th: Student registration*

*The number of students each school can send to Regional Fair will be distributed between all registered schools. That number will be sent out immediately after the April 3rd deadline.

2019 Registration Form

Fair date: Friday May 3rd 2019 at PG Civic Centre

Two ways to register a student:

a) Fill out this PDF and send to Rachelle Linde at education@theexplorationplace.com
b) Fill out the form below. Please fill out ALL applicable fields.

Each student must complete one form.  Submission deadline is March 22nd, 2019.

Only one student from group projects may attend Provincial Fair. If selected for Provincial Fair, please name the group's representative below.
Please note that only individual projects are eligible for Provincial and/or National Fair.
Please be aware that students may not attend Provincial Fair two years consecutively.
Topics that do not relate directly to Canadian Heritage, or projects that contain offensive topics and/or photographs will not be accepted at the Regional level. If you have a question about what topics relate to Canadian Heritage, please talk to your teacher or refer to our manual.

Student Participation Agreement:

I have been selected to participate in the Prince George Regional Heritage Fair, to be held on Friday April 27th 2018. I have worked at creating this project, and by indicating that my teacher, my parent/guardian and I have read and agree to the following requirements: 1. I have completed a project on a topic related to Canadian Heritage 2. I intend to attend and fully participate in the Prince George Regional Heritage Fair, including judging, workshops, evening showcase and awards ceremony 3. I understand that only one individual from group projects may attend the Provincial Fair. 4. I understand that as a student delegate, I may not attend Provincial Fair two years consecutively. 5. I realize that participants are responsible for providing their own special equipment (for example, extension cords, laptop computers, CD players, etc) 6. I understand that I am responsible for bringing my own lunch, snacks and drink.

Parental Consent & Agreement:

My son/daughter and I have read and understand the registration form for the Prince George Regional Heritage Fair. S/he is permitted to attend the full day and evening events associated with the regional fair.

I realize that parents are responsible for providing transportation to and from the morning and evening events.

I realize that my child must bring with them their own lunch, snack and drinks.

I give my consent for my child to be transported by School District 57 bus in the event of a field trip; field trip location information will be provided if a field trip is scheduled.

I understand that my my child will be available for pick up after returning to the Civic Centre from the field trip (approximately 2:30pm).

I realize that the Prince George Regional Heritage Fair Committee reserves the right to screen project content, and that by completing this form, my child is not guaranteed participation in the Prince George Regional Heritage Fair.

I give permission for my child to be considered for the Provincial Fair. I understand that if my child is part of a group project, only one individual from that group project may attend Provincial Fair, with absolutely no exceptions. I understand that if chosen, my child will travel with the adult chaperones and that I will not be able to accompany my child.

I consent to the use of photographs or pictures of my child for advertising or promotion of this event in all media formats.