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PG100 - Official Prince George 100th Anniversary Website

In early 1915, March 6 to be precise, the City of Prince George was
incorporated, beginning nearly a century of growth and prosperity. Once known as the fastest growing city in Canada, Prince George has many reasons to celebrate. In 2015, the community will commemorate its 100th anniversary. This celebration belongs to everyone who currently lives here and all those who once called Prince George home.


Interesting Facts

  • The City of Prince George was incorporated on March 6, 1915
  • Prince George has had 21 Mayors since 1915. Alex Patterson was the longest serving Mayor (1927-1944)
  • On May 20th, 1915, a plebiscite was held to decide the name of the city: "Prince George" gathered a total of 153 votes; "Fort George" got only 13 votes. Completed in 1915, PG's railway bridge is the longest railway bridge in BC and the President of the Railway Company that initiated the project died on the Titanic three years before its completion.
  • The population of Prince George in 1921 was 2,053 and in 2011 it was 71,974. In the 50's and 60's it was one of the fastest growing communities in Canada.
  • In the 1930's Prince George had a national caliber ski jump on Connaught Hill
  • In the mid 50's more than 500 sawmills dotted the landscape within a 100 mile radius of Prince George
  • The mid 60's saw the development of the pulp and paper industry in Prince George.
  • When it was built in 1970 the Four Seasons Pool's tank was built above ground due to the high water table
  • In 1981 Prince George was the second largest community in BC with a population of 67,559.
  • Canada's first Lager and Lime beer was brewed and bottled in Prince George in 1996
  • In 2008 Prince George had the highest volunteer rate per capita in BC.
  • In 2015 Prince George will host the Canada Winter Games and will celebrate its centennial.


If you know any interesting short "tid-bits" that make Prince George unique, let us know at
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