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2022 Arctic Voices

PastExhibits< BACK TO ALL PAST EXHIBITS 2022 Arctic Voices The Arctic is more than just snow: it is land, water, and ice and home to people and wildlife. It is also the front line for our changing climate.​ In this exhibition, visitors will explore the impact of...


Arctic Voices

Visitors explore the impact of changing climate in the Arctic through many “voices”, including the animals and plants that live there, the people who inhabit this region, and the scientists and others who are helping to reveal what makes this place so special. Available until February 17.

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2022 BEES!

Experience the world of bees from two perspectives – that of bees and beekeepers. BEES! challenges your knowledge of the species. Information in the exhibit also inspires a respect for this sophisticated insect and shows how bee health is an indicator of the health of the whole environment. The exhibit also touches on indigenous bees, beekeeping equipment and bee products.

Tech-Up Virtual Workshops

Bee-Bot Bop

Have you ever talked to a robot before? Students will "bee" given the chance to explore the differences between giving instructions to a human vs. a robot by coding a virtual bee bot to complete a series of challenges.

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2022 – The Witness Blanket

This travelling exhibit from the Canadian Museum of Human Rights explores a powerful art installation by master carver Carey Newman. The Witness Blanket bears witness to the truths of residential school Survivors to foster understanding among Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.