Joey the Corn Snake

Joey came to us in the summer of 2020. Initially, its name was Zoey, yet we’ve come to determine that this particular Ambassador is indeed male.
In the wild, corn snakes can be found inhabiting overgrown fields, sparsely wooded areas, and farmland throughout the eastern United States. They are harmless to humans and feed primarily on rodents, making them a great neighbour for those needing pest control. Many people don’t realize that these snakes are constrictors, wrapping around their prey and squeezing it tightly before swallowing it whole. In the wild, corn snakes live about 6-8 years on average, while in captivity, they may live 15-20 years or more. Captive breeding has produced a variety of morphs in a wide range of colours and patterns. Their docile and inquisitive nature makes them a favourite of many and a fantastic Ambassador species.