March Break Workshops

Insect Pinning: Experience the world of entomology in this fun, hands-on workshop. Participants will learn the steps to carefully preparing and pinning a butterfly and will learn the reasons why scientists collect and study insects. Once the workshop is complete, participants will be able to bring home their very own pinned butterfly, that they can later display or use as a teaching tool for others.

Cross-stitch: Join us as we get introduced to the basics of sewing and the revolutionary history of making things with your own hands! We will be learning how to make strawberry ornaments with yarn and canvas (suitable for young hands). Students will learn the basic motions of cross-stitch and the history of the art form, including how embroidery was used in resistance movements like women’s suffrage. This workshop is an excellent introduction to a low-cost handcraft and is perfect for any student who enjoys creating, doing things with their hands, or learning about the domestic bits of history that are often overlooked.

Coding: Join Jaclyn for a day of play with robots, websites, and more! This introduction to coding gives participants a chance to explore the fundamentals and basics of coding.

Vermicomposting: Worms, worms, worms! Let’s all learn about what worms are, what they do for us, and how to make a DIY vermicomposter (worm composter) for your home. Presented in partnership with REAPS and as such has been originally designed by REAPS for use by The Exploration Place (include attached REAPS logo wherever it works best)

Bear Necessities: Discover the bears that live in our backyard! Students will learn about the different types of bears and their characteristics.

Go Buggy!: Get up close and personal with bugs! Investigate what makes insects unique from bugs and examine their life cycle.

Science Demos:

Self-inflating balloon: Students will learn about the chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar and the release of gases (carbon dioxide)

Lava Lamps: Students will learn about the properties of polar and nonpolar liquids (water/oil density)