JaclynManager – Virtual Community Programs| She/Her

Jaclyn loves all things STEAM education. With a passion for understanding how things work, tech, and the outdoors, Jaclyn has hosted hundreds of workshops across BC with K-12 youth. Jaclyn can’t wait to meet you at The Exploration Place’s new Pop-Up in Pine Centre for some hands-on tinkering!

Carlos Hernandez – Manager – In-Person Community Programs | He/Him/His

Carlos is The Exploration Place’s Manager – In-Person Community Programs. H has a Master’s in Educational Psychology and is a FIFA International Soccer Referee. Carlos is passionate about teaching, sports, food, and travelling around the world.

Jeni Arnott – Manager – Food Programs & Services

Jeni has over 20 years of experience in the foodservice industry. With a passion for creativity, her award-winning kitchen skills can be recognized both locally and internationally. Jeni has spent much of her career sharing her extensive skills and knowledge with the community of Prince George. Jeni looks forward to having an impact on her community through teaching the history and value of food and cooking with Origins Kitchen.

Shailina – Early Explorers Instructor | She/Her

Shailina has a biology major and an interest in all things science. She loves being outdoors and will jump at the opportunity to expand her knowledge. She is passionate about art and learning and hopes to engage kids and make them equally as passionate about science with The Exploration Place Pop-Up in Pine Centre.

Bailey – Programming Assistant | She/Her

Bailey has a background in anthropology and biology, with a passion for learning and storytelling. She loves to share the joys of STEAM with anyone who will listen. Bailey will be sharing her excitement for learning about our world in Pine Centre with The Exploration Place Pop-Up museum.