Nature Exchange

The Nature Exchange is a fun way to trade items with us from nature including shells, rocks, bark, antlers, feathers, pinecones, and more! 

  • Here is how it works while the museum is temporarily closed: You are on a walk with your family, you spot a cool rock on the ground, you pick it up, take a photo of it or draw it, write about it and send it in to us at the Nature Exchange Online. You tell us about the rock and when we’re open again, we tell you how many points it will get you. Add up your points and then trade them in for some other really cool thing!

    The more points you collect, the bigger and better your opportunity to "purchase" more valuable objects. We also give extra points for taking part in the weekly challenges! The more you share, the more unique your sharing is, the higher the points you earn. Look us up and show us your collections! We highly encourage parent involvement and are excited to engage with all of you through research and discovery.

    Please leave bird's nests, wasp’s nests, eggs, dead or alive animals, and living plants in the wild. Nature needs these things more than us! Snap a photo or draw us a picture instead.
  • Collect only one of each of the different things you find. 100 pinecones are not very exciting for you or us!
  • No more than 3 items at a time for exchange.
  • Leave protected and rare things right where they are, this is a law; so it's best not to break this rule!  We DO encourage you to take field notes using your nature journal when you do find or observe something wonderful in those protected areas.