Nature Exchange Online - Challenge #4

Our focus this week is on flying!! We would like to showcase all those who are found in flight by looking up in the sky day or night. Whether current (pun intended ~ currents are crucial for many!!) or not, we want to hear from all of you who you may have seen or heard of what has been or is airborne, germs included!! Also, do you know who was born on July 24th, 1897? Tell us a little bit about this person, a record-breaking aviation pioneer or an animal of your choice - feathered or otherwise and we will gladly award points to be traded in upon reopening for super fun cool science stuff!! Bonus points for videos shared of paper airplanes you make and fly yourselves. Weekly prizes being awarded for submissions!! BIG shout out to the PG Airport for this week's prize pack! Email us your answers at & check out our Facebook event page for more content!