Tech-Up Resources

Tech-Up Parent & Educator Resources has a full curriculum to incorporate CS into their daily lessons. Teach a whole course or pick and choose lessons that fit best with your class. challenges classrooms and households all around the world to an hour of code a day. The website is complete with tons of activities to get you started.
Be Internet Awesome is Google’s curriculum for Digital Literacy complete with its own video game(Interland). Free, fun and extremely addictive.
Google’s curriculum for teaching CS, CT, coding and digital literacy. Tons of enticing activities for your students or kids at home.!ct-materials
This link has tons of lesson plans and activities read to use for students.
Computer Science(CS) for Fun aids in the exploration of CS with activities like magic tricks, puzzles, and history lessons.
Loads of activities related to CS. As well as opportunities to join the Mozilla online community.
Help your child make the best of technology, information and media with Control with Cable’s educational activities.
Common Sense Education teaches students about digital literacy.
A list of genius unplugged activities for the classroom, house or for those who want to unplug and get away from their screens.
A free online 3D design and printing app with tutorials.
Free online tutorials for learning about coding. Learn Python, JavaScript, HTML and more!
Codesters is for teachers to sign their classes up for coding lessons that they can track and monitor.

Tech-Up Free Games and Activities
Tynker is an online coding game for all ages.
SCRATCH is a program where you can create stories, games, and animations by coding. One of the most widely used programs for introduction to coding.
Hopscotch is an app for Ipads that allows kids to create games.
Swift Playgrounds is Apple’s game for making coding fun.
Alice is a downloadable program that allows you to explore the world on game making.
Lightbot is an online game or downloadable app that teaches an introduction to code.
Box Island is a downloadable app for teaching students the fundamentals of code.
Codea is downloadable on Apple products and lets you explore the world of game creation and exploration. Bot is downloadable for Android devices and teaches coding through boogieing robots.
Code Monkey allows a free trial of their coding game. Full courses for teaching and learning code available.
Kids N Code is available for Apple devices and allows students to explore complex algorithms.
Thimble allows you to create and edit your own webpage.
Use X-Ray goggles to understand the code behind websites, remix as you please.
Bloxmob gives you a free trial, which allows you to create your own apps.

Tech Resources
BBC’s Microbit website. Learn about the tiny programmable computer for all ages.
Ozobots; adorable programmable robots that love to dance.
Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform. It can be used as a platform to build electrical circuits with and more.
Robot Turtles is an award-winning board game that teaches computational thinking and coding for ages 4+.
Littlecodr is a board game that teaches coding ages 4+.
Code Master is a board game that teaches programming logic ages 8+.
Makewonder is the website that hosts the programmable robots Dash and Dot.
One of the many websites where you can purchase Code and Go Robot Mice, programmable robot mice for ages 4+.
Bee-bot is a programmable Bee that students can code to buzz around the classroom. Ages