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Saint Pius X Catholic Church

photo by Trelle Morrow.Text courtesy The Exploration Place.Click to enlarge

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Saint Pius X Catholic Church

The Saint Pius X Catholic Church at Khas Te'an Lhe Ghulgh, IR#2 was built in 1913.  Facing the Fraser River, the wooden church is unique in that its façade and towers are decorated with embossed sheet iron.  Even the roofing on the towers has sheet iron, embossed to look like shingles. This was a common practice at the time for commercial building but not for churches.  The stunning stained glass windows were crafted in the Alsace Lorraine region of Europe, just before the start of the First World War. Their quality was recognized across the country on Christmas Eve in 2008, when the "Good Shepherd" window was the cover and back pages, full colour spread for the National Post.   The windows are presently stored at The Exploration Place until the church can be restored.