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Gaia Gallery

This gallery brings to light the effects of climate change as seen from a deep-time perspective.

Gaia Gallery

Greeted by lush, green foliage and towering ancient forests, you look around and realize you are not alone in this strange landscape.

Exposed rocks reveal remnants of prehistoric ocean life while reptilian creatures lurk in the underbrush. A trail of giant footprints leads you to an enormous, armoured goliath that once walked these lands. Immerse yourself in this ancient world and imagine what it was like to live during this time. This gallery offers booth seating for guests to enjoy their surroundings while learning about British Columbia’s ancient past from 565 to 66 million years ago.


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This is the experience guests will have walking through the Gaia Paleobotany Hall. The exhibit brings to light the effects of climate change as seen from a deep-time perspective. Our planet has gone through many changes, and life has been tested and revised many times over 3.8 billion years. Five global mass extinctions have already occurred driven by shifting continents, volcanism, and meteor impacts resulting in changes in ocean circulation, air quality, and ultimately climate change. Recovery from these events may take hundreds of thousands to millions of years, as shown by the fossil record.

The exhibit highlights the diversity of life on Earth and the dramatic changes that took place after each of these events. Guests will be fully immersed in our Earth’s history and see ecological changes from a regional perspective.

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JUNE 2024


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