Nature Exchange

Nature Exchange

The Nature Exchange is now located inside the Biome!

The Nature Exchange gives the public the opportunity to bring in things from nature including shells, rocks, bark, antlers, feathers, pinecones, and the list continues forever.

Here's is how it works: You are on a walk with your family, you spot a cool rock on the ground you pick it up and bring it into the Nature Exchange, located upstairs at Exploration Place. You hand us the rock we tell you how many points it will get you, and then you get to trade it for some other really cool thing!

Also what a lot of people do is they save up there points to "purchase" more valuable objects, whether it be a huge geode or a puffer fish, (yeah a puffer fish, don't worry it isn't alive anymore)! We also give extra points for information on the item you bring in!  The more unique the higher the points you earn. Come on down and show us your collections, and while your here perhaps trade to get that new butterfly or shark's jaw you want!


  • Please leave bird's nests, eggs, dead or alive animals, and living plants in the wild. Nature needs these things more then us!
  • Take only one of each of the different things you find. 100 pinecones is not very exciting for you or us!
  • No more then 5 items at a time for exchange. Our Nature Exchange brainiacs are also our animal experts so we need them to take out snakes, bugs and lizards for you guys as well as Nature Exchange!
  • Leave protected and rare things in the nature, this is a law; so it's best not to break this rule!