2012 Let’s Go! Animals in Motion…

Are you ready to run, jump, crawl, climb and even “swim” or “fly” like animals do?

Then come and wander along the trails that make up this exhibition that’s teeming with life. The locomotion feats of animals, and the strategies they have developed to survive will amaze you! Who knew visiting a museum could be so exhausting?!
Let’s Go! Animals in Motion has been planned as a large play area for families with children as a tribute to animal biodiversity. The contents and interactive components are spread throughout four sections plus an introductory area where visitors are invited to stretch. The sections include: underwater, on the ground, between the ground and the sky, and in the air.

This exhibition is a production of the Sherbrooke Nature Science Museum with generous contributions from the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Government of Canada.

The exhibit closed January 2013.