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Virtual Workshops

Bee-Bot Bop

Age range: Grade 2 – 4


Have you ever talked to a robot before?

Students will “bee” given the chance to explore the differences between giving instructions to a human vs. a robot by coding a virtual bee bot to complete a series of challenges.


  • Length: 45 minutes
  • Cost: Free


amazing amphibians and radical reptiles

In this workshop, students will be introduced to the differences between robots and humans as we explore the algorithms required to get a virtual bee bot from one place to another. This introduction to coding will have students writing directional algorithms using a coding language consisting of forwards, backwards, left, and right arrows.

Curriculum Links

  • Many curricular competencies from Grade 2-4 ADST are incorporated.


  • Each student will need an iPad (preferable) or a laptop with Internet access with a webpage open at or
  • Note: the arrows used are forwards, backwards, left, and right.
  • Students will also need a pencil and a coding sheet (attached as a pdf to this web page, please print out enough copies to give to your students) or scrap paper to write out their work. Writing out their code on the sheet provided will better facilitate success in the challenges.

    Required Post-workshop Survey

    • You will be required to complete a demographic survey upon completion of this workshop. For more information about why we are collecting this information, visit Science World’s Tech-Up page.