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Exciting news! Our upgraded system for memberships, admissions, registrations, and more is up and running!

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working tirelessly to ensure a seamless transition. As with any major change, there might be a few minor adjustments or kinks to work out along the way. We genuinely appreciate your patience and understanding during this phase.
Here’s what you can expect:

  • Your membership number will be changing. Rest assured, this change only means that your current membership card won’t be used for scanning anymore. But fret not – we’ve got your back and can easily look you up!
  • We’re introducing a brand new digital membership card system. While this setup requires a bit more time, we’ll let you know how to access your shiny new card once it’s ready. Don’t worry, your existing card will still be valid if you opt to stick with it for now.
  • We will now be requiring photos for membership cards to prevent card sharing.
    While we finalize the online sales setup, online membership sales will be momentarily on hold. But don’t let that stop you – memberships can still be purchased at our front desk.
  • Very soon, the online sales feature will be live, allowing you to conveniently buy admissions and memberships, as well as sign up for upcoming events.
  • Our team is in the process of mastering this new system, so we kindly ask for your patience as we adapt, both at our front desk and online. We’re thrilled to uphold our commitment to exceptional service, and this system will help streamline our operations.

We’re looking forward to serving you better than ever before. See you soon!