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Robot Mice

You might think that K–2 kids are too young to start learning about coding, but you’d be mistaken. With our kit of Robot Mice, even young kids can learn the basics of coding and programming. Our kit comes with custom vinyl mats that kids can navigate our mice on. They can learn to design a game as they place obstacles throughout the mat and try to lead the mouse safely to his cheese. Our robot mice have brains that can save the directions given to them, as well as a brain erase button. This means that kids can debug when they get stuck and continue to try again until they find a solution. It can be a grteam-buildingding experience for kids as they work together to find the best path for their mouse.

Tech-Up kits are free to book.We’re looking for teachers or schools who are interested in borrowing our kits for 1 – 2-week intervals.