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Find the fun in coding with the help of our STEAM-minded Ozobot kit! Ozobots are tiny robots programmed to follow lines and react to colour patterns. This Kit is designed to help kids learn how to code in a fun and interactive way. Kids will learn how to place colours in a specific pattern to code their Ozobot to do a variety of movements. You can design a city or a maze of elaborate twists and turns to see how your Ozobot navigates its way through your puzzles, and the fun doesn’t stop there! Program your Ozobots with even more specific codes through Ozoblockly online. Watch as your Ozobot performs a light show or shows off your own custom dance.

Thanks to our sponsors, our Tech-Up kits are free to book. We’re looking for teachers or schools who are interested in borrowing our kits for 1 – 2-week intervals.