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Earth in Focus

Target Learners: All Ages

This program is based on the Earth in Focus: Insights from Space exhibition, developed by the Canada Science and Technology Museum in collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency.

This hands-on program explores the advantages and benefits of observing the Earth from the unique point of view of space. You’ll discover the technologies and innovations of the Canadian space program through interactive and immersive experiences, including a mix of stunning photographs taken by astronauts! Understand how the data collected from space helps us feed a growing population, keep people safe from dangers such as forest fires and extreme weather, and monitor our changing planet.

Big Ideas:

  • Remote sensing is used to detect and monitor physical characteristics of an area by measuring its reflected and emitted radiation at a distance
  • Location and distribution of human and physical features on Earth (maps), spatial graphics (satellite images), topography
  • Climate change, weather, erosion, water systems on Earth

Available June 3-27 , 2024