2024 Refuge Canada

No one wants to be a refugee. Anyone could become a refugee.

Refugees face shattered lives and often make dangerous voyages in search of refuge. In the 20th century, Canada had a mixed record in welcoming refugees, reacting generously to some while overlooking others. Today, an estimated 65.6 million people are forced to flee their homes because of fear and violence.

In the time it took you to read this, another 20 people were forced from their homes.

Refuge Canada provides the context for Canada’s place in the global refugee crisis and brings to light the challenges faced by refugees in Canada. The exhibition also shares stories of success and contributions made by people who came to Canada as refugees.
Drawing upon oral histories, archival images, artifacts, and interactives, Refuge Canada shares the stories of refugees in an evocative and engaging way. The exhibition aims to create a setting for visitors to make a personal connection to the feelings of pain, danger and hope experienced by refugees, and to be inspired and informed on refugee issues in Canada today.

Refuge Canada is a travelling exhibition created by the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21
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