Required Supervisor/Student Ratios

The Exploration Place is an extension of your classroom, and teacher supervision is required at all times. We also require additional adult supervisors.

  • Please note that additional supervisors above the required supervisor/student ratio will be charged a rate of $9.00 each
  • Supervisors are responsible for classroom management and behaviour guidance and must remain with their students at all times
  • Failure to provide required number of supervisors will result in a fee of $50.00 per supervisor not in attendance
  • Failure to adequately supervise your group may result in the group being asked to leave the Museum.

Supervisor/student ratios required are:

  • 1 adult / 5 students Kindergarten – Grade 3
  • 1 adult / 10 students for Grades 4 – 7
  • 1 adult / 15 students for Grades 8 – 12