Already got the basics of coding down? Well, prepare to further increase your knowledge with our Micro:bit kit! Our Micro:bits might not look super exciting, having the appearance of a circuit board with some LEDs and buttons, but they can do some pretty fun things once you know how to code them. Learn how to create music, play rock, paper, scissors, or make your own pedometer. With an LED display, you can use your Micro:bit to write messages and send them to other Micro:bits via a radio signal. Kids can practice their code on a digital Micro:bit at makecode.microbit.org, and once they’re content, they can download their code and add it to their Micro:bit to test it out in real life.

Thanks to our sponsors, our Tech-Up kits are free to book.We’re looking for teachers or schools who are interested in borrowing our kits for 1 – 2-week intervals.