More About George…

George Phillips was a key figure in the history of the Exploration Place Museum + Science Centre.  His arrival as Executive Director in 1992 heralded the beginning of our transformation from a small, local history museum to the world-class, multidisciplinary organization we are today.  

He believed passionately that the future of collecting institutions depended on their relevance to their communities; a relevance that was built one-on-one, beginning as early as possible.  He often said words to the effect that someone doesn’t just wake up at 18 years old and decide to be an engineer; that an affinity for the arts and the sciences  grows over a lifetime of experiences.  Museums are one place where those experiences can originate.  Dedicating our temporary exhibit space to George is both to honour his memory and the impact he had on this Museum, as well as to imbed that philosophy of discovery and inspiration in the culture of our organization.  

The George Phillips Exhibit Gallery will play host to traveling and in house exhibits, embracing a vast array of topics. It is a perfect legacy for a man who brought the world to our community by inviting us to look closely at our history while dreaming about our collective future.