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What is the Nature Exchange?

The Nature Exchange is a permanently installed learning environment that encourages people of all ages to appreciate nature and to learn about the biological and physical components of our environment through observation, background research, and responsible collecting. 

The Nature Exchange is a place where you can trade journal pages and personal photos from nature for points and then use those points to “buy” other items from our Nature Exchange, like shells, amethysts, agate slabs, rose quartz pieces, shark teeth, space rocks, arrowheads, or geodes. No money is needed! Use your points now or save them up in our points bank!

What can be traded?

Journal pages (available for download below) or personal photos, drawings, rubbings, or notes on natural items from the world around you, including bugs, rocks, fossils, shed antlers, seashells, feathers, and more! 

More points

If you want to earn even more points, do a little research. Find a bug on your walk? Look up its markings online and see if you can find out what it’s called. The more you can tell us about your find, the more valuable it is. Do some research in books or online, or look at the books in the Nature Exchange. Teach us something new!

Remember to always be respectful of the environment and caring toward wild animals when you are observing! Leave only footprints. Take only memories (or photographs!)