Party FAQs

 “Do you provide loot/goodie bags?”

Unfortunately, no, the museum does not provide anything of the like. However, we do supply up to 20 Gallery child passes (depending on the number of child guests), which allow children in for free next time, and this can be put in the goodie bags.

“Can I have more than 20 kids and 20 adults at my party?”

Due to the size of our rooms, we should only have a maximum of forty people inside the room. Even this is quite full, and we recommend 15 kids & 15 parents on average.

“Will our belongings be safe in the room?”

We are not responsible for any losses, and there is a possibility that someone could take something. The staff will attempt to prevent strangers from entering the room, but there is no way of being certain. We do ask that birthday guests check-in at the front desk and

“Can we stay longer?”

We’re sorry, but no. There may be other birthday parties after, and for this reason, we cannot allow you to stay longer than your scheduled time. You may remain in the galleries, but you cannot keep the room.

“Who is responsible for the children during the party?”

You are. The interpreters (the staff) can only lead the hands-on, planned activities, and may assist you during the party, but you are responsible for moderating the behavior of your guests, and the whereabouts of the children at all times, especially when they explore the galleries. The staff cannot watch over the children when you are on a bathroom break, they may be able to “check-in” occasionally, but they have other duties and obligations they must fulfill.

“Do I need to clean up afterward?”

Don’t worry about that! Leave the preparation and clean up to us, relax and enjoy the party with your child and guests. However, you are responsible for the removal and the whereabouts of your belongings.