Our Policies

The birthday room opens up for guests at the exact rented start time. Our guarantee is to have the room available and birthday ready at exactly the start time and no later *3:15-5:00 birthday time slot has a MANDATORY 30-minutes gallery time.

We provide:

  • A big colourful sign with “Happy Birthday” on it.
  • A smaller “happy birthday ____” with the guest(s) of honor’s name on it.
  • 3 round tables (4’ across) with chairs.
  • A shelf, approximately 1’x8’ with black linen, which can be used for displaying food, holding gifts, etc.
  • If you need an extra table, we have 8’x2.5’ banquet tables for an additional fee of $9 each, and linens (black or white) at $9 each.

The room is permanently decorated with a bright, colourful mural on the wall and planets hanging from the ceiling.

The 1-hour 45 minute rental time is largely unsupervised by The Exploration Place staff, so the room is free for the guests to enjoy as they like. Birthday staff will:

  • Introduce the host(s) to the room, kitchen and go over basic rules
  • Check what time the party would like to have the presentation (beginning, middle, or end of rental)
  • Perform the presentation
  • Reset the room (guests are responsible for their own belongings, but all garbage/disposables/mess is the responsibility of The Exploration Place Staff.)

If the guests need anything and a birthday party staff person is not available, please check in with Front Desk staff.