Coding for the Climate

Age range: Grade 2 – 3

Coding for the Climate will encourage students to consider some causes & effects of climate change, while working collaboratively with each other and technology.

  • Length: 45 minutes
  • Cost: Free

Students will discuss some interactions between our ecosystems and the greenhouse effect. Using Dash robots, students will explore coding with functions and sensors to inspect & map a simulated neighbourhood, then send the robot on a journey through that neighbourhood!

Curriculum Links

  • Grade 2/3 Social Studies – Simple Mapping – Responsibility to the Environment
  • Many curricular competencies from Science, ADST, and Social Studies are incorporated

Coding for the Climate Pre-Workshop Activity (optional)

  • Map Your Fruit: This activity is a great introduction to transportation energy usage and how it can be reduced.
  • Grid Coding: This activity introduces some coding concepts as an unplugged (no screens) challenge that incorporates physical movement.